Free CNA Training via Scholarships and Grants

November 19th, 2011

As a result of the significant demand for Certified Nursing Assistants and nurses, prospective medical professionals can find a great number of available grant and scholarship programs that offer help for paying training program and school tuitions.

The financial aid department of the nursing school that the prospective certified medical professional plans to attend is a useful starting point when looking for scholarships and grants because of all the up-to-date information resources provided there. Also beneficial for the prospective CNAs and nurses is the fact that the professionals who are employed in the financial aid department are extremely experienced and have a helpful knowledge and practice assisting all individuals interested in becoming CNAs and nurses by helping them find scholarships to help pay for portion or all of their medical training.

General Scholarships and Grants Info

Because of the great demand for Certified Nursing Assistants many colleges and state and private organizations in the USA are offering CNA Scholarships  in order to train certified professionals for as many as possible of the available CNA job positions. For the explicit goal of making CNA training more affordable, the US Department of Health and Human Services provides finances to excess of one hundred US colleges and universities. A great deal of the funds provided are used to form grants and scholarships designed for individuals who could not afford the fees needed to take CNA training program by other mean.

Some schools offer Certified Nursing Assistant scholarships only to individuals who intend to continue their education in excess of becoming a CNA. Prospective medical professionals who plan to continue their education and plan to work as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN), will find that there are even more scholarships available than for people who only plan to complete training as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

CNA scholarships are often offered by medical institutions that  hire Certified Nursing Assistants who have successfully completed a CNA training program and have passed their CNA certification test. If interested, it is highly advisable for every prospective CNA to look for local agencies or employers that offer these training scholarships. When choosing this option, often the prospective CNA will be required to commit to the agency for a certain period of time upon completing the CNA training program.

For prospective medical professionals who are ready to practice as Certified Nursing Assistants in US rural areas, under-served areas, and regions with a high labour market demand for CNAs there are a lot of private, federal, and state organizations that offer CNA Scholarships. It is highly advisable for every prospective CNA who plans to live and practice in an US area that would meet these criteria to make a research for specially designed for that purpose CNA Scholarships.

The WIA (Workforce Investment Act)

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) was designed to assist individuals improve their prospects to become employed. Everyone interested who have been unemployed for a substantial amount of time may be eligible to get free training through local workforce offices. CNA training is among the list of programs that are able to be applied for as a free training option as stated by the Workforce Investment Act. Every prospective professional who qualifies for the free CNA training program will not have to repay back all the fees involved with the training program.

Opportunity Grants

For prospective medical professionals who are interested to complete CNA training program but are not eligible for traditional financial aid, the Opportunity Grants are great option for free training. The eligibility requirements for Opportunity Grants differ from US state to US state, but depending on their income, in general prospective CNAs may qualify for Opportunity Grant if they are planning to take certified nursing assistant training through a community college. In order to find out if perspective Certified Nursing Assistant qualifies for Opportunity Grant, meeting with a representative of the financial aid office of a community college in the US state selected is needed.

Disability Certified Nursing Assistant Training Grants

Most states of the USA have employment rehabilitation programs for differently abled individuals who are not able to afford the fees involved with CNA training. Differently abled individuals have the option either to go for information about the training programs available to their local district office or visit one of the office of the workforce.

Free CNA Training From The Job Corps

October 6th, 2011

There are a lot of reasons for a prospective Certified Nursing Assistant to be in a search for free CNA training classes. A lot of students have the will and motivation as well as the abilities to successfully complete a CNA Training program but they are not able to afford the tuition fees for their training. For every prospective CNA who is in such position and searching for a way to start a career in the medical field and who is between the age of 16 and 24 getting free CNA Training from the Job Corps is one of the many options to receive free CNA training.

Job Corps is the largest career training and education program in the USA for students ages 16 through 24. Job Corps is a program established in 1964 by the U.S. Department of Labor and it provides more than 100,000 students per year with both knowledge and hands-on training experience in the fastest growing careers of America. Job Corps is taking significant steps to try to establish connection between businesses that need professionals who have been properly trained in their field and students and their surrounding communities through green training. Job Corps offers professional training in over a hundred career areas. One of the training programs offered by the Job Corps on their schedule is CNA Training. Every year along with the technical and career training provided to all the eligible students completing the training programs, Job Corps assists them with job placement, interview skills and resumes.

As already stated the free CNA training offered by The Job Corps training centers is not intended for everyone, so it is advisable every prospective CNA to perform comprehensive research before joining one of the offered free CNA training programs. The age range (students must be 16 to 24 years old) is the biggest restriction for these free training programs. There are no tuition fees involved in the training and the CNA training programs provided are totally free to all the individuals who qualify. In addition to the fact that the perspective Certified Nursing Assistants do not have to cover the fees for the CNA training, they also get accommodation and a living allowance while the training last.

In order to get free CNA training from the Job Corps, prospective Certified Nursing Assistants must first track down a Job Corps centre near student’s hometown.
Complete list of Job Corps centers can be found here.

When Job Corps center is selected it is advisable the prospective CNA to visit it in order to get complete information about it and if satisfied to enrol in the CNA training program for free.

Free training in a number of healthcare fields including Clinical Medical Technician, Emergency Medical Assistant, CNA, LPN, as well as Pharmacy Technician is offered from the Job Corps. The free CNA training program requires about 4 months to be completed. While they learn at Job Corps, young people can also get a GED or high school diploma. Due to the fact that students can stay up to 2 years in Job Corps and additionally because free meals, housing, training, etc. is provided, many prospective Certified Nursing Assistants take the decision to stay in the program and go on to LPN training or choose one of the other areas of study.

Most of the training centers offer accommodation and living allowance during the course of the free CNA training program, but some centers allow the possibility the perspective Certified Nurse Assistants to stay off their premises and only showing up for the training classes. This must be checked in advance with the center of interest. However it is recommended for the prospective CNA to stay at the Job Corps Centre since free basic medical as well as dental care is received. Complete list of the reasons to live at the Job Corps centre can be found here.

Despite all the benefits of the free CNA training provided from Job Corps an important note must be done that even if perspective Certified Nurse Assistant qualify for the free training programs by being at age between 16 to 24 years old, this training may simply not be the recommended fit for everyone. Usually there are a great deal of rules in the Job Corps to be followed and adhered to and some students get offended from the degree of discipline enforcement done in the Job Corps centers. Because of this reason it is highly advisable perspective Certified Nursing Assistants who plan to take advantage of the free CNA training programs offered by the Job Corps centers to contact a person who has been through a training program provided by the Job Corps in order to get advise and decide if it is the right decision for them.

Free CNA Training provided by Nursing Care Facilities

October 2nd, 2011

Completing CNA training program is a great way to start morally and financially rewarding career in the healthcare sphere. For every prospective Certified Nursing Assistant planning to work in an assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility, nursing home or hospital there are a lot of great opportunities to receive free CNA training by accepting to work at a particular facility after successful training completion and CNA certification.

As a result of the growing shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants and the great demand for professionals who have completed CNA training, many medical facilities are offering both free and paid training. For every prospective CNA not in position to afford to complete paid CNA training program the free training options are ideal solution to help a career start. The free training programs offer a lot of benefits for both the employer and the prospective CNA. The employers get a guarantee that properly trained and certified healthcare professionals will work for them for a specified  period. The benefit for the prospective Certified Nursing Assistants is the fact that they complete their training without worrying about paying for tuition or student loans.

Usually when a prospective Certified Nursing Assistant decides to take advantage of a free CNA Training paid by medical facility such as nursing home or hospital, agreement must be signed, that after successful training completion and certification the Certified Nurse Assistant will work for the sponsoring medical organisation for a specified period of time. Everyone interested in taking advantage of a sponsored free CNA Training program must be advised that in case the prospective CNA decides to drop out of the training program or for some reason is not able to successfully get CNA certification, the student will be required to reimburse the sponsoring medical facility for the cost of the training. This information must not be discouraging at all, because for most of the students who are truly interested in a CNA career completing the training program and passing the state CNA exam is fairly easy. Great benefit of the free CNA training programs sponsored by medical facilities is the fact that the perspective Certified Nursing Assistants who complete these programs have the security of granted job position in the sponsoring medical institution. Knowing that they have granted position in the medical organisation takes a lot of the stress out of the training process for the prospective Certified Nursing Assistants. Working with an employers that have paid for the CNA education of their stuff also gives the perspective other training opportunities to be provided, helping Certified Nurse Assistants working for them learn new professional skills, take over new responsibilities, grow in their medical career and receive more financial benefits.

Usually the nursing care facilities that offer free CNA training are not offering the training within their centers, but they rather select a local community college or training agency to provide the CNA Training classes. It is advisable the prospective CNA to check out the training program thoroughly before the agreement to take the CNA Training classes is signed. This can be done by requesting a tour of the training campus where the CNA classes will be given, talking to CNAs who have completed the training program, and reading all available materials about the CNA Training program online. Once the perspective Certified Nursing Assistant satisfied with the information about the CNA training that will be received, documents are signed with the future employer which outline all the responsibilities, the length of post-graduation employment and the terms of the offer.

As prospective Certified Nurse Assistants learn all the skills and medical knowledge necessary to provide care to nursing facilities patients, they start a career in the healthcare sphere that has many possibilities. If there is interest show in continuing education beyond becoming a CNA, there are different state and private programs which can help CNAs pay for further training.

Becoming a CNA is a fantastic career choice, and receiving CNA training through a sponsoring employer is a great way to start morally and financially rewarding career.

Free CNA Training through State Nursing Boards

September 29th, 2011

Every state of the USA has a State Board of Nursing that is liable for supervising nurses and nursing careers across the state. Every prospective healthcare professional who wants to perform the duties of a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is required to register and maintain their license with the State Board of Nursing. Because of all the information and records that are managed by the State Boards of Nursing, there is no other institution that better understands the shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants and that fact is the reason many of the State Boards of Nursing to start providing free CNA training classes to everyone interested to become a CNA.

It is highly advisable prospective Certified Nurse Assistants to start their search for CNA training program by getting in contact with the State Board of Nursing of the state in which the prospective healthcare professionals plan to start and develop their CNA career.

The Board of Nursing of each state of the USA is in a position to and will provide a complete list of approved and accredited CNA training programs, both paid and free, as well as training programs which can help prospective healthcare professionals pay for their training. This type of training programs include scholarships made available from private organizations and individuals, all types of colleges and universities, state and federal government grants, as well as training and employment programs offered by various kinds of agencies.

The Board of Nursing of each state of the USA may also provide complete information about employers, who are willing to pay for the CNA training of prospective Certified Nurse Assistants in exchange for agreement the successfully certified professionals to work for them for a certain amount of time. There is also information available about health care institutions such as hospitals that provide CNA training programs within their facilities in order to grant that the Certified Nursing Assistants working for them are properly trained and capable to perform their CNA duties.

Each State Board of Nursing is mostly financed by fees collected from nurses and facilities across every state of the USA. The State Board of Nursing can also offer other ways for prospective CNAs to receive CNA training for free. In some states of the USA prospective Certified Nursing Assistants have the option to petition the State Board of Nursing regarding their scholarship or tuition fee waiver programs. These special programs are intended to prospective Certified Nursing Assistants obtain for free their CNA training.

The ideal way for everyone interested to become a CNA to find out as much information as possible about these programs is to find the contacts details of the Board of Nursing of the state where the prospective CNA plans to work and try to make an appointment with competent professional who can provide complete information about the waiver program available. In order to apply for most of these programs prospective Certified Nursing Assistants must be able to prove that they are not able to afford CNA training without financial assistance to pay for tuition.

The State Boards of Nursing will also secure funds directly from the federal government reserved for training programs and a large number of the State Boards of Nursing prefer to use this funds to provide grants and scholarships that will pay for the complete CNA training of prospective Certified Nursing Assistants.

All mentioned options are beneficial ways to help everyone interested to become a CNA do so without the financial burden of tuition and student loans to repay and start a morally and financially career with great potential.

What is a CNA – Complete CNA Training Overview

July 15th, 2010

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNА) is a health care certified professional who assists patients, under the supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN). Certified Nursing Assistants are responsible for assisting patients by providing supervised basic medical care, and care that tends to patient’s everyday living needs. Certified Nursing Assistants also provide emotional support to their patients depending on the health care institution they work in and their CNA Job description. Certified Nursing Assistants carry a high level of medical experience and abilities, but set of restrictions based on liability and legality prevent the Certified Nursing Assistants from performing certain medical procedures allowed only to Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Doctors. In the different states of the USA in the medical terminology used, CNА is also known as Patient Care Assistant (PCA), Nursing Assistant (NA) or State Tested Nurse Aid (STNA).

Certified Nursing Assistants can work in a wide variety of health care institutions such as hospitals, adult day care centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and personal homes where they act as a helpful liaison between the RN or LPN and the patient. Because of their everyday contact with patients, Certified Nursing Assistants have a key role, providing information about patients’ current medical condition to their supervisors. The CNA job sometimes can become intense and fast-paced, it can be a little bit difficult because of the workload, but even taking into consideration these facts for most of the Certified Nursing Assistants the CNA career is morally and financially rewarding. Certified Nursing Assistants are medical professionals with a desire to help people and compassion for patients and these are qualities every prospective CNА must have before considering CNA Training and CNA Certification.

There are a lot of options available for a prospective CNAs to get professional CNA training. There are different paid and free CNA training programs helping prospective health care professionals to become a CNА. Depending on the educational institution or center where the CNA training classes are held, the available in the USA CNA training programs vary in their length, and they can range from 6 weeks CNA Training programs to extensive, years long, health education classes. A lot of health care institutions offer free CNA training in return of a contract with the prospective Certified Nurse Assistant for a specified period of time after CNA certification is completed to be served in the facility that has provided the free CNA training. There are also CNA training programs that are completely free and no obligations are required, that are designed only to help meet the overall need for Certified Nursing Assistants in some states and cities of the USA. Another opportunity for complete and professional CNA training is offered by the American Red Cross. There are also a lot of community colleges and online schools that provide complete CNA training programs and classes. Each type of training has their distinct advantages and disadvantages. For example a campus CNA training at a community college or health care facility is beneficial due to the hands-on nature of the training classes. Prospective Certified Nursing Assistants who take CNA classes in a campus setting have the advantage to work closely with both certified training instructors and peers, and have greater access to lab settings. On the other hand for those prospective CNAs who plan to become a Certified Nurse Assistant as a career change, on-site campus training classes are difficult to manage because of time constraints. Because of current job it is hard to participate the campus training and in this case online CNA training courses and programs are more attractive as well as shorter in training time, 6 to 10 weeks CNA training programs offered by different certified training institutions.

In order to become certified all prospective Certified Nursing Assistants must successfully pass the state CNA certification test required to become a CNA.

Despite the fact that CNA training and CNA certification requirements may differ from US state to state, and the duties of the Certified Nursing Assistants may differ from one medical institution to another, there are a number of essential skills that are requisite in order to become a CNA. Essential elements of CNA training are such basic medical care skills as keeping track of patient’s vital indicators, be an aid to supervising nurses and doctors in the operation of a wide variety of clinical equipment, looking after patients by helping them with grooming and bathing and also assisting them with feeding. Because Certified Nursing Assistants spend a larger amount of time with patients compared to the time spend by supervising nurses and doctors, they also provide most of the emotional support patients need during their hospital stay.

Additionally, CNA training consists of training in critical areas of patient care like the proper way to help patients walk, move to a chair or turn them in their beds, as well as assist them use bathroom facilities. CNAs additionally study certain areas of basic physical therapy and aid patients in performing not complex exercises to correct patient’s range of motion. First aid training, as well as stool and urinary sample collection are also learned in the CNA training classes. It is important to know that every state of the USA is different in regards to CNA Training amount of time required. Before prospective CNAs begin nursing assistant training it is highly advisable more information about the State Nurse Aide Registry and/or State Licensing Board requirements to be gained. It is also advisable for a prospective Certified Nurse Assistants to check in advance what the requirements for CNA certification are in state where the prospective health care professionals plan to work as a CNA in order to be sure that the CNA training attended covers all of them.